For Those That Are Interested

horoscopesThere is so much about the universe we don’t know. We’ve gotten pretty deep into planet earth; where we came from, the periodic table, what’s underground, etc. We’ve started studying what’s beyond the earth as well, in fact billions of dollars go into the study of stars, solar systems, galaxies and beyond. Us believers in astrology rely heavily on what is ‘written in the stars’, for direction in our lives. As I’ve mentioned before it makes the most sense to me. I could be wrong in all my beliefs, but it is undetermined what the truth really is. We don’t have much choice but to depend on what we feel, and give a little bit of faith to our intuition. I send out my own horoscopes because people still check them; daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. There is lots of dependence all over the world on these messages.  Continue reading “For Those That Are Interested”

It’s All About Thinking For Yourself

vincity-picWhy do I believe in astrology over everything else? Why is that the path I chose? Well I’m going to explain my true beliefs to you guys. If you’ve read my posts, then you know that I don’t believe everything I hear, read, or see. I like to theorize things for myself instead of listening to someone else, or social media. The reason astrology is basically my religion is because it encourages you to be a good person, and to be the best you. In return you will live a good life. I see it like this: People like to help people, so it’s kind of a given that you will be happy if you help people. Astrology teaches you to accept what you’ve been dealt and embrace it, it is a guideline that every individual can follow and benefit from. You don’t even necessarily have to believe it, but if you live by the theories, you have no room for unhappiness; therefore you have no choice but to do things that make you feel good. Continue reading “It’s All About Thinking For Yourself”

The Secret

astrology-stuffHey guys, dropping in to say hello! I hope I’ve inspired some people out there to dig a little deeper into astrology. The potential you have to be happy and successful in life from applying astrological theories is limitless. Unfortunately people focus too much on whether astrology is something they can see, hear, touch, taste and smell; they end up questioning it instead of just applying it and watching it prove itself. Has anybody here read the book: The Secret? This book correlates with a lot of general guidelines within astrology.

The Secret is all about The Law Of Attraction, it has influenced hundreds of thousands of people over the last 10 years, and has brought a massive amount of success to those that apply the principles. If you’re unfamiliar with The Law Of Attraction, first off I highly recommend reading this book, and listening to related audio files. Secondly, I would like to briefly explain what it’s all about:

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my-favorite-astrology-photoI haven’t been able to pay the attention I’ve wanted to this blog, I visited my home town this week and it was just a disaster. I saw all my old friends and co-workers which was great, and my mother which of course was amazing, but so many incidents just made my visit a real pain in the behind.

First thing, I showed up at the airport and got picked up by my mother, she starts off the trip by informing me that 2 close friends of mine had been killed in a car crash. I cried, and moved on, wasn’t going to let that ruin my trip even though I was a bit traumatized. I borrowed my moms car to get around the next day, as she didn’t need it because she’s on holidays. I left her house, picked up an old friend and we decided to go on a date. Doesn’t sound too bad eh? Well, we went out to one of my favorite beaches after our dinner date. While driving along something ran out into the road, I slammed on the brakes but it was too late, I ran over something. I pulled over and it was a dog! A random dog came running out of the forest in front of my car, and I hit it. I felt horrible, called the 24 hour animal control center and they took forever but showed up eventually. Things started to get better though I was feeling the energy sucked out of me from all these deaths, and then the car broke down! I called a tow truck and he towed me home. The tow was cheap which was nice, but the bill from the mechanic was $1600! I don’t have that kind of money! Anyways I scrounged for the cash and managed to get home somehow; completely broke. Now I’m home and back to work, thankfully I have friends that lent me money to get by till payday, but MAN was that unfortunate, sorry if I’m whining I just need to vent. Continue reading

Want To Learn About Astrology?


In my last post, you got a little taste of what to expect when signing up for my newsletter, a weekly horoscope. Today I will talk about intuitive astrology and how you can use it in your every day life to seek direction. As earth gets more and more hectic as we evolve, there is more demand for satisfaction and more anxiety about your future and path in life. I will help ease the displeased mind with universal theories I have created myself.

  • Do you want to learn more about intuitive astrology and creating your own theories through the ideas? Visit my contact page and send me an e-mail, I can send you in the right direction.

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An Introduction And My Goals For This Blog

If you want to learn about me, visit my story page.

The most un-tapped market in science I believe is astrology. I think there is so much potential we haven’t touched. So many cultures in the past have created many detailed and elaborate theories predicting real events that came true, with little scientific theory behind it. Astrology

For those who are unaware, astrology is a system that the Mayan’s, Chinese, Indians, many cultures used before any kind of technology to predict seasonal shifts, celestial guidance and personality traits. The predictions were based off the positions of the sun at different times, celestial objects and their time of birth.

Lunar cycles (phases of the moon) were being recorded on the walls in caves, and still exist to this day, this was happening over 20,000 years ago.

See, it’s all about the moon and how it affects tides, rivers and seasonal changes, and they were onto something for sure. In this blog I would like to talk about The Ancient World and Ancient Objections in detail. I want to know what people have learned, and I want to see people spill their knowledge. Having researched it a bit in my career, I would like to know what some more experienced people in this field have to say. I will start posting information and if you want to challenge it or add to it, I more than welcome you to do so.

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Signing out now! I’m Kevin Morris folks, and I’ll see you in a couple days.