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Today, I have added  Predictions for 2015 for INDIA in the "Predictions" Page. I wish all visitors to my Website and to others A VERY, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2015 with Universal love. If any reader or visitor to this website wants me to write predictions in the World Predictions Page for his/her country, please Email to me. I do not promise, but subject to availability of free time and my convenience, I shall try to oblige for one or two countries. I am also adding shortly General RASI PREDICTIONS for 2015 for all Twelve Rasis on Nirayana system with Lahiri's Ayanamsa.(Note added 20th July,2013: I do not undertake astrological advice or consultation. I am not a professional astrologer . Due to age and health I am not able to reply to  emails or other requests for consultations, advice etc.)

Today 17th May,2014, Media reports have published that the B.J.P.  gained the maximum number of seats making it the No.1, next being the Congress as 2nd and others later. In our Predictions written on January 9, 2014 even before election dates were announced  I had indicated that Congress cannot get sufficient number of seats to return to power and  BJP may form coalition govt. with partners; This was based on the chart cast for the New Year, much before elections took place. MY HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO SRI NARENDRA MODIJI .Media reports say that Sri Narendra Modiji is likely to take oath on 21st May, which is astrologically an inauspicious day, being ASHTAMI thithi of Krishna Paksha, with Mrithyu Yoga and Dhanishta Nakshatra ruled by Mars, who is enemical to the Lord of the day,Wednesday. AS  ASTROLOGER, I  WOULD PREFER A MORE AUSPICIOUS DAY, in the context of the New Year Chart indicating changes, vide PREDICTIONS page. I hope a more auspicious date will be fixed.(Note: I am glad the date was revised after this)

 My new Book on Astrology titled 'HINDU ASTROLOGY' has been published by EASTWEST in 2008 and is available in leading bookstores.It contains lessons and examples in political astrology and a chapter "Astronomy supports astrology", wherein I have given statistics based on Retrogression of planets, an astronomical phenomena, in support of the truth of astrology.

Astrology has been my hobby since my graduation in Mathematics in 1956 from the Madras(Now Chennai) University and I have been doing research in the Hindu Vedic system of Astrology and the subjects connected thereto, like Hindu astronomy, and Panchang calculations and also in Modern astronomy, which was my subject in the degree course. I was in Government service till my retirement and most of my research work was done as a hobby during this time, as also many of my published articles and astrological predictions(mostly on political affairs of India and the world.).

I helped a Madras private company in 1974-75 in bringing out the first computerised horoscope in India according to Hindu astrology with the planetary and shadbala and other calculations of the Vedic Hindu horoscope. This was my first introduction to the world of computers and later in 1976, I did a certificate course in FORTRAN PROGRAMMING from the Anna University and later, developed my own software for astrology.

I have published many research articles in Dr.B.V.Raman's THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE from 1963 and contributed forecasts for INDIA in AMERICAN ASTROLOGY MAGAZINE in "Tomorrow's News Today" column from 1970 till 1983. I have studied Western astrology, too ,both the tropical and sidereal versions and the Primary and secondary directions, Solar arc directions etc. and I have written a comparative article on the Hindu and Western systems of astrology in AMERICAN ASTROLOGY. I have contributed to a number of other astrological journals in India like JYOTISH SIDHDHANTA, JYOTIRGAMAYA, TIMES OF ASTROLOGY, EXPRESS STARTELLER and other magazines in TAMIL. I have published three books on astrology in TAMIL and one in English published by myself, now out of print. Two more books on astrology, Bilingual in English and Tamil,VINCITY TABLES OF LAGNAS AND BHAVAS, and VINCITY EPHEMERIS(1950-2000), have been published by my publishers in 2001.

In 1969, in Dr.Raman's, "The Astrological Magazine", I derived an Ayanamsa from first principles based on the star Beta Delphini(Dhanishta), which is about One degree less than Lahiri's and about half degree greater than Dr.Raman's and hence nearer to Raman's. I have found this Ayanamsa yields very accurate results in predictions. This Ayanamsa is used by Matrix Software in their Hindu Astrology software and by a few others software and is known as SUNDARA RAJAN AYANAMSA.

I have participated in many astrological conferences and have been a past President of the Institute of Astrological Studies and member of other astrolgical associations and have delivered research lectures on astrology in Lions and Rotary clubs and made an appearance in Madras Doordharshan T.V. in 1982.

I have moved at close quarters with the Late C.G.RAJAN of Madras, an eminent and well-known scholar in astronomy, astrology and Panchang-author in his late sixties when I used to visit and help him in some of his astrological work and cleared many of my doubts in modern astronomy and in Panchang matters, calculation of eclipses etc. He was also an authority on NADI ASTROLOGY an ancient system of Hindu astrology written by the ancient sages of India with remarkable clarity and accuracy of predictions in astrology. Mr. C.G. RAJAN was author of nearly 40 books on astrology in TAMIL, mostly translations of ancient works from Sanskrit to tamil. Also he had authored SIDDHANTA RAJA SIROMANI, A TEXTBOOK containing equations and tables of Modern astronomy with which one could easily calculate the positons of planets to the minute as also Lagna, Sidereal Time, and other relevant astronomical data of Hindu astrology. This was an unique work of his time and he had based his work ont the equations and tables of Newcomb, Brown and others published by U.S.Naval observatory.

Later, I myself was in touch with Mr.R..L.DUNCOMBE of the U.S. NAVAL OBSERVATORY, Washington who was kind enough to clear many of my doubts in the equations and in the calculation and conversion of the Rectangular to Spherical coordinates of planets and also in the calculation of eclipses.

I met India's great astronomer of modern times, the Late Mr.N.C.LAHIRI in a conference of astrologers and Panchang-authors held by the sage H.H. SRI CHANDRASEKHARENDRA SARASWATHI SWAMIGAL of Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt in 1966 at Kalahasthi in Andhra State and developedf his friendship which continued when I again met him at Calcutta in 1979 at another astroogical conference.

Similarly I was closely associated with Dr.B.V.RAMAN throgh my contributions to his magazine from 1963 and later developed into personal friendship till his death in 1998 and I had met him in many astrological meetings till his passing-away.

I still continue my researches in all systems of Astrology and in astronomy related thereto. Many of my astrological predictions, published in various journals, much in advance before the events, have happened later, proving the veracity and truth of astrology.


I have a big library of ancient hindu astrological texts in Sanskrit, Tamil etc. and Ephemrides of old years like the Raplhael's, Nautical Almanacs, and other astronomical works and some manuscripts of Nadi Granthas. These are great treasure-houses of astrological knowledge. I have conducted classes on astrology in person and by correspondence and trained a few students in astrology. At the instance of Dr.B.V.Raman, I set up question papers and model papers for two examinations conducted by the INDIAN COUNCIL OF ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCES., of which he was Founder-President.

Some of my more famous and notable predictions are:

1.The resignation of Richard Nixon as a result of a controversy in 1974 . This prediction of mine was acknowledged by AMERICAN ASTROLOGY- MAY 1975-PAGE24 & MAY 1978-PAGE 25.

2.Devaluation of the Pound Sterling in February 1967 of Dr.Raman's THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE.

3.Landing of man on moon by the U.S. in Dr.Raman's THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE, JANUARY 1968-PAGE 156.

4.The election of Mr.V.P.Singh as Prime Minister of India in TIMES OF ASTROLOGY 1989 November.

5.Passing-away of Mrs.Indira Gandhi in January 1984 Annual issue of Dr.Raman's THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE.

6.The tragedy to Sri Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991 EXPRESS STARTELLER.

These are a few of my predictions listed here, but there are innumerable predictions made by me in private and individual consultations and also in written publications based on astrology.

I do not undertake study of astrology in a Professional manner and most of my consultations were free services till my retirement from Government service.

I retain the right to reject any consultation and my decision is final. Any action, decision , venture etc. undertaken by persons who consult me astrologically and take advice from me, is solely their responsibility and I cannot be held liable for any damages, explicit or implicit and if and when some one or any one consults me in astrology and takes my services, it is implicit and explicit that they agree to these terms and conditions.