my-favorite-astrology-photoI haven’t been able to pay the attention I’ve wanted to this blog, I visited my home town this week and it was just a disaster. I saw all my old friends and co-workers which was great, and my mother which of course was amazing, but so many incidents just made my visit a real pain in the behind.

First thing, I showed up at the airport and got picked up by my mother, she starts off the trip by informing me that 2 close friends of mine had been killed in a car crash. I cried, and moved on, wasn’t going to let that ruin my trip even though I was a bit traumatized. I borrowed my moms car to get around the next day, as she didn’t need it because she’s on holidays. I left her house, picked up an old friend and we decided to go on a date. Doesn’t sound too bad eh? Well, we went out to one of my favorite beaches after our dinner date. While driving along something ran out into the road, I slammed on the brakes but it was too late, I ran over something. I pulled over and it was a dog! A random dog came running out of the forest in front of my car, and I hit it. I felt horrible, called the 24 hour animal control center and they took forever but showed up eventually. Things started to get better though I was feeling the energy sucked out of me from all these deaths, and then the car broke down! I called a tow truck and he towed me home. The tow was cheap which was nice, but the bill from the mechanic was $1600! I don’t have that kind of money! Anyways I scrounged for the cash and managed to get home somehow; completely broke. Now I’m home and back to work, thankfully I have friends that lent me money to get by till payday, but MAN was that unfortunate, sorry if I’m whining I just need to vent.

My horoscope for Sept 18th, 2016 which was the day I arrived was this:

Libra –  You will likely face many challenges today, Libra. Mercury’s retrograde is in cycle and you will have to coincide with events that occur. You cannot control fate and you must use your natural problem solving, straight to the point abilities to cope with any of these occurrences. Thankfully this cycle is temporary and you will be able to climb out of any holes that you fall into. After your problems are solved, you will be blessed with an opportunity presented in a unique way. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity because it can potentially create a life-changing event.

So, it happened. Yes folks, astrology is real and if you follow simple guidelines promoted by accurate information, you will prosper in life. It’s not all sunshine and roses, but that day from hell; a new relationship was formed. The girl I loved for a long time finally agreed to be with me, and I’m ecstatic. As I mentioned on the page my story, I plan to move back to my hometown: Victoria BC. this is going to speed up that process as I am anxious to be with her…

Sorry if this post wasn’t all about astrology, but I felt the need to rant about an experience that my horoscope told me I would have. Follow your horoscope and use it as guidelines, because you never know what will come from the advice.

I’m Kevin Morris folks, I’ll see you guys sooner than 7 days from now!

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