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astrology-stuffHey guys, dropping in to say hello! I hope I’ve inspired some people out there to dig a little deeper into astrology. The potential you have to be happy and successful in life from applying astrological theories is limitless. Unfortunately people focus too much on whether astrology is something they can see, hear, touch, taste and smell; they end up questioning it instead of just applying it and watching it prove itself. Has anybody here read the book: The Secret? This book correlates with a lot of general guidelines within astrology.

The Secret is all about The Law Of Attraction, it has influenced hundreds of thousands of people over the last 10 years, and has brought a massive amount of success to those that apply the principles. If you’re unfamiliar with The Law Of Attraction, first off I highly recommend reading this book, and listening to related audio files. Secondly, I would like to briefly explain what it’s all about:

The Law Of Attraction indicates that all positive and negative thoughts and actions vibrate on a frequency that replicates your desires. For instance; if you constantly think about bad things and imagine the worst, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. If you think about positive things and act accordingly, you will receive what you’re looking for, you get what you ask for. You can’t just start thinking about money and have someone show up at your door the next day with a big cheque, that’s not how it works. It does take time, practice, patience and faith to see the results you’re looking for. It’s a universal alignment and the messages you send to the universe are carried through the frequency and delivered back to you over time. There isn’t actually a secret to The Law Of Attraction, everybody uses it in every waking second of their life!

What the real secret actually is, is the clarity that it actually works; those that apply The Secret properly are going to receive everything they desire in abundance. Sounds crazy right? Well if you read the book it won’t sound so crazy. Rhonda`s writing makes it easy to understand though the ability to apply the principles is what takes time… The people out there applying The Secret today are prospering in everything they desire; wealth, love, prosperity, etc. They’ve learned the true value of positive thinking. A key factor when applying The Secret is to imagine, act and feel as if you’ve already received what you desire to come true. If you’re looking to become rich, envision yourself as rich. If you’re looking for your soulmate, imagine you have already found him/her. It’s actually very simple, just misinterpreted.

I often hear: That doesn’t work, I’m thinking and imagining myself as being rich right now and I’m not, so it’s false. I respond to that with: You’re proving my point exactly, your saying to yourself that the secret doesn’t work, so it’s not working for you. A good example is Bob Proctor, he uses a method of thinking back in your life to something you truly desired, and then think about whether you have it now. You may not have everything as it does take time and the correct attitude, however if you envision something you desire and apply The Secret, you will receive it. I’ve proven it, many before me have proven it, it’s a fact.

That is a brief description, if you want a full understanding you have to read the book, or listen to the audio files. I highly recommend trying it out though instead of doubting it and missing out, what do you have to lose? This could change your life.

I don’t know why I’m blogging at one in the morning, but it was a thought that came to mind. I don’t have many opportunities to come talk to you guys lately so I had to make this post. I hope you all enjoy!

Kevin Morris


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