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horoscopesThere is so much about the universe we don’t know. We’ve gotten pretty deep into planet earth; where we came from, the periodic table, what’s underground, etc. We’ve started studying what’s beyond the earth as well, in fact billions of dollars go into the study of stars, solar systems, galaxies and beyond. Us believers in astrology rely heavily on what is ‘written in the stars’, for direction in our lives. As I’ve mentioned before it makes the most sense to me. I could be wrong in all my beliefs, but it is undetermined what the truth really is. We don’t have much choice but to depend on what we feel, and give a little bit of faith to our intuition. I send out my own horoscopes because people still check them; daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. There is lots of dependence all over the world on these messages. 

Some Thing’s I’ve Learned About Myself Through Astrology

One of the many positive thing’s I’ve definitely been able to decipher through astrology is my personality. People often struggle with trying to learn who they are, and can’t really paint a picture of themselves. Just think: You know exactly who your spouse, or brother/sister are, and what they’re like, but can you see a clear image or yourself in the same way? It’s a lot harder to do so, and I feel as if astrology helps you determine that.

Being a Libra I have many light and dark traits. Libra’s are known to be diplomatic and urban (truth), yet gullible and easily fooled. This means I often try to make a deal with someone that will be beneficial to both of us which is great, but if I get the wrong person we can easily get burned or ripped off. Another trait we have is a very sensitive persona, we can really empathize for others. The downside to this correlates with the first trait I pointed out; we can easily get emotionally hurt.

These are just a couple examples, but there is much self discovery potential within astrology, and that’s what I like about it. One mistake that uneducated people make is thinking astrology is trying to tell you something specific. It’s not about facts nor trying to tell someone who they are, it’s more about guidelines and helping you become a better person.

more-astrology-stuffNo true astrologist will tell one that they are a certain way because of their sign. It is meant to be interpreted slightly differently by every individual and used to guide them to become a better person.

Wanted to drop in again to speak my mind as it’s been a while, I’ve been very distracted lately. I hope I’ve opened some peoples eyes as to what astrology is truly all about. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more, or possibly subscribe to my newsletter.

Kevin Morris

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