Let’s Talk About True Philosophy

Three Key Factors of Philosophy


  1. Be open and accepting to everything everybody says, without judgement
  2. Create your own theories and write them down (even if they seem far fetched)
  3. While being accepting, question everything in existence 




Philosophy, aka – “deep talk” is the process of deciphering the meaning of life, and values. I’ve always been big on digging into what we are on this planet for, and what the real purpose of our existence is. We are clearly here for something, our level of intelligence separates us from everything else. Do you enjoy reading my posts? Well I hope to bring some real value with this one. My personal opinion is this: I’ve never found a true religion or belief that I fully 100% stick by without questioning. I question everything; even everything I preach. I should have clarified this earlier, but yes I do question astrology: Why do Pisces become hostile and agitated during a full moon? Why do Tauruses naturally have a strong will? Well, the reason I believe it is because after studying the meaning of life since I was a kid, astrology makes the most sense mathematically, and spiritually at the same time. We are here for reason, yes we did shape the world ourselves; it wasn’t destiny. There is a certain rhythm that is out of our control however and we we’re given a core set of values and guidelines to live by. What I’m trying to say is: Yes, I believe there is a higher power that provided us with what we have, but no I do not believe there is a “destiny.” I think humans control what happens to us and the planet completely.

I use to spend countless hours with 2 friends theorizing different subjects. We would talk for countless hours, every night. Our conversations went from girls, to philosophy, to starting a business, to other people. They went on forever. Those two just happened to have follow through with our business idea; and started a tree service company just outside of our hometown. I moved away just because I wanted to see the world, but I will never forget those 2 and our fun times; I’ve never clicked with anyone so well. Anyways, the discussions, debates and theories we created were invaluable; I went about my daily life feeling fulfilled because of our shenanigans. We weren’t really out partying or anything, just creating ideas and theories about this life we have.

I would like to challenge everyone to pick up a book this week and learn something. You don’t necessarily even have to believe it; in fact I encourage you to question it, but learning something new is always going to set you ahead of where you’re at currently. I get a little bit smarter every day; because I read every day. I’m not even that smart neither, pretty average actually. I do believe I am quite philosophical, this has brought me to believe I am on the right track, and has also brought real peace at mind.

Written with passion and care

Kevin Morris 



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