My Story

Me being a Libra, I love to love…

My name is Kevin Morris. I was born in 1980 in Victoria B.C. Moved away and back there many times. I moved to Concord North Carolina when I was 25, (man was that ever a difference.) Since then I’ve moved cities a couple times, but plan on moving back to my home town about a year from now. I miss my family and friends, whom I visited a couple months ago and of course it made me realize that I want to live back home again.

My career in astrology started when I turned 25, which is when I also became a happier person. Though astrology has no scientific validity I’ve still witnessed many astrological-theories and predictions come true, so in my opinion there is significance in continuing to study this field.

Astrology was used before there was such thing as time, seasons, days, weeks, months and years, to predict patterns and what to prepare for. This fascinated me, and I wanted to become a part of this. I’ve created theories using astrological methods that have come true since¬†following this path.

Basically, who really knows what’s out there? That’s why I firmly believe you should use educated theories to predict a clear indication, whether it actually comes true or not, at least you made an educated guess.

Just a little something about me. I also enjoy roller-hockey, fishing, music, hiking, and socializing. If you ever want to know more about me please feel free to e-mail me at:

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