An Introduction And My Goals For This Blog

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The most un-tapped market in science I believe is astrology. I think there is so much potential we haven’t touched. So many cultures in the past have created many detailed and elaborate theories predicting real events that came true, with little scientific theory behind it. Astrology

For those who are unaware, astrology is a system that the Mayan’s, Chinese, Indians, many cultures used before any kind of technology to predict seasonal shifts, celestial guidance and personality traits. The predictions were based off the positions of the sun at different times, celestial objects and their time of birth.

Lunar cycles (phases of the moon) were being recorded on the walls in caves, and still exist to this day, this was happening over 20,000 years ago.

See, it’s all about the moon and how it affects tides, rivers and seasonal changes, and they were onto something for sure. In this blog I would like to talk about The Ancient World and Ancient Objections in detail. I want to know what people have learned, and I want to see people spill their knowledge. Having researched it a bit in my career, I would like to know what some more experienced people in this field have to say. I will start posting information and if you want to challenge it or add to it, I more than welcome you to do so.

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Signing out now! I’m Kevin Morris folks, and I’ll see you in a couple days.